Tefillin Stop Welcomes You

Tefillin reminds us to align our mind, heart, and hands so they work in harmony, with one purpose. Tefillin Stop aims to get your Tefillin going, enabling you to perform this mitzvah. 

What is Tefillin Stop?

Some things always need to be accessible. The things that are important to us. Like coffee, for instance. That’s why you’ll find a vendor practically wherever you turn. The Tefillin Stop Movement is accomplishing just that….. for Tefillin.

Imagine walking down the street, seeing this sign, and conveniently entering the store to find a Mehudar set of tefillin waiting just for you. The Tefillin stop initiative is happening and it’s gaining momentum faster than we could ever have imagined.

Join the movement, contact us to set up a Tefillin stop, and be a part of the mitzvah.

Founded in loving memory of…

לע”נ הרב החסיד התמים ר’ שלום בן ר’ יהושע העכט ז”ל

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