About Us

Things that matter to us, like coffee, need to be accessible at any time. No wonder a coffee shop can be found wherever we go.

Same goes for the mitzvah of putting on Tefillin. But some don’t have a Tefillin of their own. Some aren’t comfortable going to a shul. Some are too shy to ask for help.

That’s where the Tefillin Stop enters into the picture.

Founded by Shea Hecht in honor of his father Rabbi Sholom (Sidney) Hecht a”h, the Tefillin Stop initiative is geared toward making the mitzvah easy and convenient for everyone.

With pairs of Tefillin distributed across cities throughout the world, anyone can put on Tefillin throughout the day, even those who don’t have their own set.

A Tefillin Stop can be in a shul, in a warehouse, in an office, or in a shop. Even your home or your car with a magnetic sign, anywhere where the Jews are.

Every Tefillin Stop holds a bold and clear signage, letting people know and drawing them in to perform the mitzvah with ease and convenience. Each location has a designated person responsible for taking care of Tefillin and its users alike.

Join the Tefillin Stop campaign and together we can help make a difference. Ready to set up a Tefillin Stop?

Call us at 718-755-3089 or email [email protected].

“It’s an easy step we can take that will b’ezras Hashem change the world and help bring Moshiach.” – Shea Hecht